Hello. I'm a UI/UX designer.
My name is Kameron Bertine. I'm a UI/UX (user interface, user experience) designer and owner of Kowaala – a creative digital agency. I specialize in creating beautiful user experiences for companies and people. 

I design software, mobile apps and websites. 
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What the Heck is UI/UX Design?
UI/UX design (aka user interface/experience design) is centered around the user. Design decisions are based on qualitative (surveys, in-person interviews, card sorting, etc) and quantitative data (in-depth review of data, such as Google Analytics). The designs are crafted from research, key findings, content, psychology and much more to reach a specific user and business objective. 

In other words, UI/UX is design with the purpose of enhancing the user's experience (UX) and needs by building a usable interface (UI). UX design focuses more on data whereas UI design takes the data from UX and applies it to the design of the interface, focusing on visual aesthetics. 

A good example would be the interior of a car

The UX would be the ergonomics, such as mirror and seat placement, button and steering wheel positioning, leg room, and so on. It's the meat and potatoes. The basics. The personal (overall) experience you have. 

The UI would be the ambiance the lighting sets, the texture of  buttons, steering wheel and dashboard ("Does this feel like quality? Is it refined?"), or the color of error/danger messages in your gauge dashboard ("It's red with a danger sign! What does that mean?!"). It's the icing on a cake with a cherry on top. It's the visual experience, which is part of the the UX design. 

When done correctly, UI/UX design will create a beautiful, seamless experience that doesn't require any thought. The user flow and journey will be second nature.

Why is it Important
UI/UX design specifically focuses on the engagement of the user. What the user feels, the experience they're having, their attention (or lack there of....)

I find UI/UX design to be the most challenging and creative when designing software and mobile apps, especially for startups, because I'm creating designs based on an idea yet to be proven or outdated interface, for example.

As a UI/UX designer, I must focus and design around the business objective and experience for the project to be a success. UI/UX design can be extremely challenging, but I love solving complex problems with minimum, streamlined solutions to create the utmost effortless user experience.
"His passion for designing and building products is infectious"
Julian Alvarez, President of LogixBoard
How I Can Help You
Well, most designers of web, software and mobile apps do not fully understand the psychological and visual design elements to make the user perform a specific task, view a particular area on the screen, or feel a certain way. Whether it's buying a product, signing up to a newsletter, or contacting you to inquire about your services, the business and the user have objectives that can be easily missed if not properly researched, planned, tested, executed, and tested again.

Instead, the typical designer focuses elsewhere. Perhaps, they make the website, i.e., very fetching, but lack call-to-actions, an intuitive user flow, poor information architecture, bizarre scrolling effects (left to right instead of up and down causing confusion) and animations that simply do not make sense for the everyday user.

Based on my IT business analyst background and user experience design knowledge, I create a smooth and consistent experience for the business and user. An experience that adds retention for the business and friendliness for the user, enticing the user to come back again and again.

My expertise is broad yet well-rounded: I consulted for 3 years as an  IT business analysis consultant, working for midsize to fortune 10 companies, such as McKesson. I have a Bachelors of Science in Finance from the University of Central Florida, and UX design certificate received from CareerFoundry.

So, are you interested in working together? Contact me.
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