Ana Senior Law, PA
As a new, small firm in Orlando, FL, Ana Senior wanted to standout among her competitors in a visual sense, while keeping a professional and personal touch. Most firms in the Orlando area all have the same color palette (red, white and blue) and layouts with too much information, poor information architecture, low readability, and dated design. 
As I began playing around with the color palettes, I decided adding the color yellow paired with blue and white would create a fresh, yet regal and professional sense which her competitors were missing. When yellow is used correctly, you can make it appear as almost gold. In other backgrounds, it appears more of a yellow giving a lively vibe.
As for the overall design, I decided to keep it minimal. I took a lot of influence from Google's Material Design. The color palette coupled with the simplistic design created a brand and sense of identity which Ana was going after.
On the Home page, I added a video loop to the top banner. With a video, I could create a story: an immigrant traveling to the US, arriving in New York City, feeling of happiness, papers processing, and so on to connect with the target audience.
Ana is extremely happy with the result. The website can been seen at

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