Creating a Designer Résumé

From time to time, we have to update our résumés or create new ones to showcase our style, skills, and experience. I have two versions: one with a profile picture and one without.

To get started, I broke up the information into sections, such as Personal Info, Skill sets, Other skills, Bio, Education and Work experience. Next, I brainstormed and wrote down as much information as possible so I had plenty to build off of to later condense. 

I created a color palette via Adobe Color ( and started a wireframe via Sketch ( I cleaned up the designed and exported it as a jpeg.

Lastly, I reviewed the design, asked others for feedback and made updates as needed.

I think it's important that a résumé is easy to read, concise and has all relative information to land your dream job or project.
Version 1 - with profile image
Version 2 - without a profile image
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