Creating a Résúme for Designers
Learn my process to create two résúme versions
From time to time, we have to update our résúmes or create new ones to showcase our style, skills, and experience. I have two versions: one with a profile picture and one without.

To get started, I broke up the information into sections, such as Personal Info, Skill sets, Other skills, Bio, Education and Work experience. Next, I brainstormed and wrote down as much information as possible so I had plenty to build off of to later condense. 

I created a color palette via Adobe Color ( and started a wireframe via Sketch ( I cleaned up the designed and exported it as a jpeg.

Lastly, I reviewed the design, asked others for feedback and made updates as needed.

I think it's important that a résumé is easy to read, concise and has all relative information to land your dream job or project.
Version 1 - with profile image
Version 2 - without a profile image

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