DreamsCloud - Mobile App
I was given the task to create a mobile app design based on Instagram's interface and DreamCloud's social media platform within 2 weeks. The design was centered around content to create high user engagement and retention through social media dream posting/sharing, commenting on other dreamer's post, and obtaining responses/insights from certified dream experts that are part of the DreamsCloud network. 
I researched Instagram and DreamCloud's site, understanding how they operate, interface, flow, post and share media, comment on posts, and create personal profiles.  With limited time and creative freedom based on the timeframe, I crafted a design that was based on two of social media apps: Medium (my choice) and Instagram (as requested).

From DreamsCloud's studies, they found that their Dreamers often draw what they dreamed, so having the ability to search for images or take photos of their drawings was a must. Since DreamsCloud is more of blogging platform and content heavy, I took some influence from Medium which has a beautiful interface: sleek, tons of white space, clean and bold typefaces, and large images.

I am very happy and fortunate to have this opportunity. It was my first mobile app design project back in 2016. Much thanks to Robert Harris, a friend that is more of a brother to me, for getting me this opportunity and DreamsCloud.

Download the app in Apple Store or Google Play. 

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