HomeFood, A Mobile App
HomeFood is a startup based in London, U.K. They came to me in July of 2017, after the Founders at LogixBoard (a client of mine who's reshaping the freight forwarding industry) recommended me on WeWork.  I was extremely impressed with HomeFood because they came to me with wireframes which they tested with cooks and users/consumers. With this information, we were off to a quick start.

HomeFood's vision: create a mobile app the connected people with other cooks in the area, so the consumer can purchase authentic home-cooked meals. All meals are made by locals, and you or I could become a cook, if we pass the vetting process. It provides another way for a person to earn an income full or part-time, as Uber has done.

Wanting a quick turnaround on the current prototype version with a 2 week deadline, I was in for an adventure! I got started right away, working with Kristian H., Co-Founder of HomeFood.

Initially, the app was thought to be around 30 screens; the final app ended up having 90+ screens! I gathered as many requirements upfront, walked through the user flow with Kristian to make sure we had all of the steps and weren't missing any via Google Sheets.

Next, I downloaded all of the latest, most popular food ordering apps, such as Deliveroo, Munchery, UberEats, Grubhub and many more. This allowed me to see all of the steps within the apps, from sign up to placing an order. UberEats was by far the easiest to use. 

I began sketching out all of the designs on paper using what I was given and my research on leading competitors and apps. After, I transferred my paper sketches to Sketch, making them digital. 

Once the digital wireframes were complete, I synced them with InvisionApp (a prototyping tool) via Craft plugin. If you don't use Craft with Sketch or Photoshop, you're missing out. HUGE time saver.

The HomeFood team reviewed the prototype, providing feedback and changes as requested.

Before starting visuals/UI design, I did some color palette research for HomeFood because they didn't have an existing color palette. Based on research and their vote, we came to a conclusion that a coral color worked best because this tends to stimulate one's appetite. At first, they wanted to go with blue and an evergreen paired with a gold, which works well together but not for a "food" oriented app. It gave a dark, unappetizing vibe. They agreed, so we went with coral, white, and charcoal.

During the visual stage, I applied the new color palette, did the final revisions and synced the prototype to InvisionApp. (I wish I had time to do more animations and visuals, but HomeFood was on a tight schedule. Perhaps, I'll be able to work on this more in later versions.)

Once the mobile app was approved by HomeFood, I shared all deliverables with the team and a development team of their choice.

The launch for HomeFood has been outstanding! The feedback is excellent.

Check out their website: www.HomeFood.com, "Like" HomeFood on Facebook and "Follow" HomeFood on Instagram.

If you're in the UK, download the app! Apple Store or Google Play.​​​​​​​

Important! HomeFood has rebranded, changed their business model and now operates under Peel Foods. 
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