Hooked on Hardwood​​​​​​​, A WP Website
Hooked on Hardwood, my Father's company based in Palm Beach Gardens, FL, has never marketed themselves online, in newspapers or magazines. All marketing has been word-of-mouth, which obviously says something about their quality of work. 

Now, they're looking to expand their business and reach more clients through a website by showing their work and testimonials. 

I started off by understanding their business, who their target audience is, and what information they'd like to provide (so we know which pages are needed). 

Next, I setup the information architecture, chose a color palette (they were already using an aqua color) and began paper sketching. I digitized the designs with Sketch App, synced them to InvisionApp, made a prototype and reviewed them with the client.  

We went through a handful of tests and revision rounds to come up with the final designs. 

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Important! Hooked on Hardwood decided it would be best to have a SquareSpace website due to time and budget constraints. The website is live, check it out at: https://hohflooring.com/I will post the details behind the project in my portfolio.
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