Hooked on Hardwood​​​​​​​
Hooked on Hardwood, based in Palm Beach Gardens, FL, has never marketed themselves online, in newspapers or magazines. All marketing has been word-of-mouth, which obviously says something about their quality of work. 

Now, they're looking to expand their business and reach more clients through a website by showing their work and testimonials. 
I started off by understanding their business, who their target audience is, and what information they'd like to provide (so we know which pages are needed). Next, I created the information architecture, chose a color palette (they were already using an aqua color) and started sketching. After sketching, I digitized the designs with Sketch App, uploaded them to InvisionApp, made a prototype and reviewed them with the client. Besides some minor revision requests, the client loved the designs! 

The website is ready to be developed and will start in the coming weeks, so stay tuned! 

In the meantime, like their Facebook page.

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