Kowaala, My Creative Agency
Kowaala, my creative agency, is a newborn to the business world. 

I established the company in March of 2017 and have had great success so far. I've been focusing on building the portfolio rather than the company website, which is fine until I realize there's no central place for prospects to view Kowaala's work except on my personal portfolio site.

The website will excite and WOW the user, while providing a clear sense of Kowaala's style and skillset. The ultimate goal is for the user to convert by completing the contact form.
In the design phase, I decided the best, quickest and most effective option for creating a website to get up and running fast was a landing page. Reason being, many creative/digital agencies build massive websites or have tons of pages that steer the user away from the main objective: to get them to contact you. 

At Kowaala, I felt this could be avoided with a landing page showcasing what services Kowaala provides, the work, some testimonials, a small about us and finally a contact form.

The site hasn't been built yet, as I've been focusing on client projects and work; however, in the coming months (some point in early 2018), the site will be live. 

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