Peel Foods, originally HomeFood, completely changed their MVP (minimum viable product) and business model. (You can read more about it in my other Peel Foods project on their web app here.)

We identified where we could improve:
• Group ordering – a few competitors had this, so a group could create 1 big order. The group order would allow users who don’t have to login be part of order/basket. Only the ones who shares the order/basket can check-out and pay. Also, you can set limits for the other members. Users have the option to "leave" or "share" the group order
• Dietary restrictions were missing
• Too many screens in the user journey
• Unnecessary screens that didn’t apply to new MVP

The Founders at Peel Foods had learned a great deal from HomeFood. This knowledge was applied to their lean, redesigned app. We we started hot and fast. 

We reviewed existing pages, which ones would be removed and created a list of new pages. This allowed me to quickly estimate the amount of time needed to redesign the mobile app. 

Next, we studied about 5 competitors to see what we could learn from them and what would be most beneficial to apply to the new app. Important! The app hasn’t been developed; Peel Foods decided it’s in their best interest focus on the desktop version. See that design here – it was done after this mobile app redesign, so you’ll see differences in design and branding.

Task list:
• Inspiration/mood board – created in Pinterest
• Compared competitors – made a pros/cons list and a list of features
• User journeys – compared competitor mobile apps to desktop versions; they varied in journeys and features
• Call-to-actions – identified common ones used by competitors 
• Combined Delivery and Payment pages for existing customers – faster checkout
• Redesigned information architecture on Order Confirmation/Tracking screens
• Redesigned Order Summary to include Delivery, Payment, Order Items and Total
• Redesign delivery time popup window
• Redefined user journey for faster checkout
• Eliminated unnecessary steps from MVP change
• Feedback funnel – direct consumers to give feedback after placing order​​​​​​​

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