HomeFood, A Food Stall in London
HomeFood is a startup based in London, U.K. We've been working together since the latter part of 2017. In December of 2017, the founders came to me and asked if I could help design out their food stall. Not knowing what a food stall was, I was a bit apprehensive; yet, I absolutely love interior design and architecture, which I even took a few classes back in high school. 

HomeFood's food stall vision: create a space that felt open and airy for both the consumer and cook. 

The featured cook's meal would be prepared outside of the food stall then brought in and kept warm or cool depending on the meal. 

The objective of the food stall is to better connect the local cook and HomeFood to consumers and add another way to sell more meals than through their mobile app, which I designed as well. (Check it out here)

Since the use of the space is small, every detail is vital. First, I needed to know their budget, what the marketplace prohibited and permitted, and where the food stall was positioned – between 2 stalls or on a left or right corner. With this info, I was able to start sketching.

My idea behind the corner design was to eliminate anything that obstructed the view into the food stall. I wanted to really open up the space, placing shelving only on the back and right side walls (shown in the paper sketch below). 

Adding some texture, such as wood side paneling below the counter, gave another layered element to the space. I angled the wood in the direction of the menu to subconsciously point the user towards the menu (on the right side of the food stall).

Once the initial sketches and digital food stall designs were complete, we moved onto the food stall banner and mesh backdrop. I created various, simple versions of each because I didn't want the space to feel too cluttered. In the end, they chose wisely and I love both! I think it's perfect for the space.

I later found out the food stall is placed between 2 others, making my initial designs off, but it's all about adapting! Things always change.

The food stall opened in late December of 2017 at Old Spitalfields Market – one of the biggest and oldest markets in London! Click here to view on Google Maps.

Check out their website: www.HomeFood.com, "Like" HomeFood on Facebook and "Follow" HomeFood on Instagram.

If you're in the UK, download their mobile app! Apple Store or Google Play

Important! HomeFood has rebranded, changed their business model and now operates under Peel Foods. 
Homefood chose a backdrop (behind the shelves) with a the white background to keep it simple since shelving with pots, pans, and packaging would make the space busy.

The top banner where the food stall name is displayed came out wonderfully as well. The bright coral background with the white logo and graphics makes a fresh, inviting look as well as stir one’s appetite. The coral banner tends to stand out among the white backdrop and shelving – exactly what we intended.

Initially, I thought the food stall would be on a corner, so the initial sketches of the space respresent that by removing shelving from the left side. Why? Well, I wanted the small space to feel open. There shouldn’t been anything blocking one’s view of the food stall inside/interior.

As with any project, it’s a trial and error task. HomeFood is changing the food stall constantly, and for good reason, to make sure it speaks directly to the consumers and has an increasing growth rate.

HomeFood is a startup based in London, UK. Their mobile app, which was designed by me as well, allows local people to home cooked meals from other locals within their own community. The food is then delivered to their location. This model provides another opportunity for people to earn additional income right from their home!
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